A change is gonna come…

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about this blog and what I really want to do with it. The catch-ups I did earlier in the week reminded me why I started it in the first place – to document what I’ve been up to, and particularly the ups and downs of fatherhood. I want somewhere I can record all the daft little things that Heather and Megan say and do, the things that in twenty years (or even twenty days!) time will have been forgotten about because our brains aren’t wired to remember them, they’re too insignificant.

Well, I don’t want them to be insignificant. I want to remember as much as possible about how my girls grow up, because they’re changing all the time, and sooner or later this moment, this time, will be gone forever.

At the same time as I was mulling this over, Susan tweeted about her nominations for the 2012 MAD Blog Awards, something she was understandably excited about. So I clicked through and scrolled down the list of nominees, and the further I got, the more I noticed all the nominees had something in common – they were all mums. Which seemed a little… well, odd, given that MAD stands for Mum and Dad. So where were the dads?

I put the question to Susan, who pointed out there are lots of dads up for awards in the BiBs, and suggested I start up my own daddy blog. Which struck a real chord. And then she retweeted me a link to Tom Briggs’s excellent post about the lack of dads in the MAD awards shortlists. If you read the post, and then the comments at the bottom, there’s a real sense that dads are under-represented in the blogosphere, and those that are there need to up their game to compete with the mums. Nice bit of role reversal there!

Anyway, all of that sounded like a call to arms to me, and I’ve decided to step up to the mark, and make a few changes around here. I think the clincher in all of this was thinking up a new name – I’ve never been 100% happy with “Lunch Hour Waffle” anyway, it was just the best thing I thought of when I started up a year and a half ago. So I won’t be sad to see it go.

Not that I’m revealing the new name just yet – first I need to register a suitable domain, and hopefully get all the rubbish I’ve already spouted transferred over. I just need to decide whether or not to include the “the” at the start in the domain – if anyone has any advice on the matter I’ll gratefully take it.

And then, hopefully, I’ll be inspired to post around here much more regularly. Will it happen? Who knows – but I know that if I don’t change anything, all those “kids say/do the funniest things” moments will continue to drift away into the ether, forgotten forever. And that makes me sad.

Watch this space…

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4 Responses to A change is gonna come…

  1. tom says:

    Sounds good. Looking forward to the new direction. If you ever expand to ‘guest dads’ you know where I am.

  2. Steve says:

    Forget the ‘the’, no need for it.

  3. Adrian says:

    Unless its something people always say with ‘the’ in front, then youll end up wishing you got it without… Remember thefacebook :)

    • richy says:

      Too late guys, domain already registered… and I’ve included the “the”. Hopefully all will be revealed in the next couple of days. Don’t suppose you know anything about migrating WordPress between domains?

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